Plant yourself a Harpenden herb garden

January 30th 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Plant yourself a Harpenden herb garden

If you are beginning to think about how to plant your St Albans or Harpenden garden this spring what about planting yourself a herb garden. Herbs are often lovely plants, bees love them, and they are relatively easy to grow. Not only do they look, smell and taste lovely they also have a host of healing properties.

The ancient healer Paracelsus said, “All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature; the challenge of science is to find it.” Lots of herbal remedies use medicinal plants used to treat disease and to restore and maintain health. It is the oldest form of medicine known and is still relied upon by 80% of the world today. 

You probably have some herb teas already in your Harpenden or St Albans kitchen. They can be used for detoxifying, they can also build, encouraging the repair of tissues, some herbs can be used to help us fight disease and regain health, and they can stimulate the immune system to attack pathogens especially when we have been invaded by cold or flu bugs. 

These are a few common herbs that you might like to plant in your Harpenden herb garden that reportedly has health benefits. Rosemary is good for depression; it lifts the spirits as it stimulates the nervous system and circulation. It also is said to help detoxify the liver and is great for hangovers and headaches. Thyme can act as an expectorant and antiseptic, it is great for chest infections and irritable coughs. Chamomile you will have come across,  it is reported to aid digestion, relaxation, and healthy sleep.

There are over 2000 herbs used in European traditional herbal medicine but self-prescribing can be very difficult. There are so many manufacturers in the commercial market making all sorts of claims but it’s difficult to know which ones really are appropriate for you & your health issues. Even if you plant yourself a St Albans or Harpenden herb garden it’s always best to seek professional help when suffering health problems, whether physical or otherwise.