Paella Day

March 16th 2016
By: Melanie

It may be Easter heralding spring but March 27 is also Spanish Paella Day. If you fancy cooking something different to celebrate with the family this year why not try cooking up a paella? If you have had it on holiday in Spain you will know how delicious this rice and saffron dish can be.

Paella comes from the Latin word patella, meaning pan in Spanish and it is a quintessentially Spanish rice dish that is thought to have originated in the Valencia region in the South East of Spain. While typically made of rice, it has been known to have also included different kinds of beans, and meats and has been flavoured with saffron, paprika and other spices and herbs.

Historically there have been two clear versions of the dish, the traditional paella and the seafood paella of the Spanish summer holidays where the beans and meat, which is usually chicken, rabbit or snails, has been replaced with just seafood. Common seafood additions to a seafood paella are lobster, mussels and shrimp. Mixed paella on the other hand, includes both meat and seafood. Essentially it seems you can make it with whatever you and your family prefer.

Paella ideally is cooked over an open fire in a large shallow steel pan with two handles, also called a paella so maybe it is time to fire up the BBQ and get out that pan that you bought one holiday and make this an Easter to remember. Tradition has it that diners should eat paella directly out of the pan in which it was cooked but I’m sure it will taste as delicious if you use your own plates.