Mindful Vegan gardening

April 11th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Mindful Vegan gardening

A mindful vegan lifestyle is one of the fastest growing movements of the moment with the number of Brits choosing a plant-based diet rising by more than 360 percent over the past decade. Finding yourself facing rising food prices but with a growing appreciation of organic produce could be a challenge. That is why some say in 2018 the grow your own movement will really see a resurgence.

If you’re serious about becoming more self-sufficient in your St Albans or Harpenden garden or allotment a greenhouse can increase your yield. If you have become more committed to sourcing beautifully fresh fruit and veg all year round you may also need to look at what space you have. If space isn’t on your side as is the case in many St Albans and Harpenden gardens, legumes (runner beans, broad beans, French beans and peas), squashes and pumpkins are a great option as they make use of vertical space. 

Don’t forget to use any balcony space you may have too with more people living in rented properties or with little or no outdoor space this new approach to gardening is proving to be popular. Designer James Scott MSGD says, 'By enhancing the space that is available, regardless of size, it provides an area to express creativity and style. Whether it's a balcony, patio or windowsill, there's a range of planting containers and vertical structures to allow you to grow various flowers and foliage.' Salad leaves, herbs and tomatoes grow well in boxes on balconies and patios and cost a fraction of the supermarket price too.

The ancient Buddhist tradition of Mindfulness, all about immersing yourself in the moment has become a huge contributor to well-being over the past few years. Applying mindfulness to supporting your largely plant-based vegan diet is set to have a 'strong influence on how we design and appreciate our gardens in 2018 and beyond predict the experts.