Maximise Your Sale Prospects

April 20th 2016
By: Andrew Gilchrist, Managing Director
In the current market although there is very good demand from buyers, a little more choice is making some properties stick on the market and it is more important than ever to ensure that your property is a highly saleable proposition, rather than one that makes another house look good by comparison.

Of course, there are several basics that should be in place. The price needs to be as attractive as the décor, and you should aim to be flexible on things like fixtures, viewing times and completion dates. You need to be with a pro-active estate agency – not just one who simply lists your house and then waits for the market to deliver a buyer to your door.

But there are other things that you can do, which have a significant bearing on whether a buyer will purchase your property instead of the one down the street.

A recent survey supports our own view that clutter in an otherwise delightful property can thwart an early sale. Over 76% of estate agents questioned said that de-cluttering your home is among the top three most important things a seller can do, and is an inexpensive way of dramatically increasing the perception of space. 68% of agents said that a thorough interior clean was important, followed by 48% who said that the garden should be tidied.

If you have lived in your property for a while, you can become oblivious to what is clutter and what is an asset to the presentation of the property. So it’s a good idea to ask a friend to help you sort the wheat from the chaff, and any decent estate agent will be happy to offer advice.

But don’t just bung your superfluous possessions in to the garage. Why not be rigorous and take a few carloads to one of our local charity shops? It can be a liberating exercise as well as a social benefit!

For our clients we have used our contacts to arrange and sometimes pay for all kinds of small jobs that can aid a sale, we have bought flowers, paid for cleaning, arranged Gardeners and Handymen. If you would like any further advice on what could aid your sale why not contact us by email at