Making over your bathroom in 2017

February 6th 2017
By: Melanie
Making over your bathroom in 2017

Every few years the bathrooms of most homes need a refresh if not a makeover and Gemma Stockberger has shared some ideas about designing a new bathroom in 2017. For starters she suggests trading panels for tiles saying “they are a modern, sleek alternative to traditional tiles and are fast becoming a popular choice in the bathroom.” Panels can be made from all sorts of durable material from stone to resin and are really hygienic,  they can future proof a bathroom for 30 years she thinks and require less cleaning and maintenance, unlike grouting.

She also suggests using glossy finishes and light colour schemes in a bathroom design to help to create the illusion of space but add Earthy shades and natural tones and materials. This trend follows on from the announcement of “Pantone’s Greenery as the colour of the Year and the concept of bringing the outside in.” Natural materials like marble, stone and granite can add real character to a bathroom but are a night mare to maintain. Look out for the more readily available, true to life marble surfaces that have emerged on the market, faux marble surfaces, which are non-porous and extremely stain resistant suggests Stockberger.

 “Heritage will continue to be big in 2017 – but that doesn't mean you need to restrict yourself to vintage looking materials and products.  If you're not quite ready to commit to a full-blown heritage bathroom then opt for accents, like a shower tray with a 'stepped trim'.” She adds. But whatever your style or inclination to follow trends, a great bathroom is a real boon for any home.

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