Italy comes to St Albans

September 11th 2017
By: Melanie
Italy comes to St Albans

Did you have your summer holidays somewhere in the Italian peninsular enjoying the delights of their food culture? Even if you didn’t you may well be a fan of Italian food and pleased to hear that the Italian Market is back in St Albans. They will be in town from Saturday 16th September 2017 and will be open for the same hours as the usual Charter Market, from about 8am to 5pm.
After a trial earlier in the year Italia In Piazza are back in St Albans, and linked in with the regular Charter Market day. They will be bringing their range of food and goods to the heart of the city laid out in 10 gazebos that can be found outside Barclays bank and The Juice Pharm, near to the Alban Arena.
Just imagine they say, “a few delicate slices of bresaola on a bed of rocket salad, shavings of the best parmesan and a drizzle of the finest extra virgin olive oil. On the side perhaps some olives individually stuffed by hand with garlic cloves and a sea salt focaccia bread with a cream of balsamic dip!”
When you visit the Italia In Piazza market in St Albans you’ll be able to try most of these products, and purchase many more high quality Italian ingredients. Then home to cook up your favourite Italian feast and share your love of Italy with family and friends.