Hoping to hit the deck this summer?

May 15th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Hoping to hit the deck this summer?

Any beautiful St Albans garden needs to have a comfortable sitting area ideally in the most scenic spot. For many the garden is a tonic to help you relax, read a book or enjoy al fresco dining with friends and family.
There is nothing quite like a timber deck close to patio doors for extending the living space outdoors.  It can even give the illusion of a larger home from the inside, it can be a good idea to place deck boards at right angles to your house as that way they will draw the eye into the garden beyond.

If your St Albans or Harpenden garden is narrow, you might prefer to lay them parallel to the wall as this will give a feeling of width.
To add to your outdoor room you might want to ditch falling down ­fences and replace them with a wall of decorative ­timber made from slats of wood again the wood brings a real ­feeling of warmth.

A bit of garden art might help too and for small gardens it can be worth considering clever use of mirrors to give a hint of what lies beyond. ­Reflecting beautiful areas of the garden also provides movement and interest as does glimpses of an ever-changing sky.
Adding a bit of soft, subtle lighting can extend the evening use of the patio, anything from mounted ­spotlights, solar lanterns, table top candles, and work. To keep away bugs you can burn citronella candles. Mosquitoes ­cannot stand the smell and will stay away from the smoke.