Going to nursery in St Albans?

October 25th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Going to nursery in St Albans?

If your children are getting to that age where they will be going to nursery St Albans has plenty of options. Recently one St Alban’s nursery - Highfield Lane Nursery School on Puddingstone Drive was rated ‘outstanding’ for the effectiveness of leadership, quality of teaching, personal development and outcomes for children. So not only are St Alban’s schools outstanding so are the preschools.

“Leadership and management of the nursery are inspirational.” wrote Inspector Jacqui Oliver in her report: “Staff are committed to providing the best possible care and education for all children. The nursery has an exceptionally caring ethos that puts the child at the centre of everything they do. They ensure all children have a happy and highly enjoyable nursery experience.”

It continues: “Children are extremely settled, confident and happy within the nursery. The arrangements for supporting children as they move into the next room or on to school are particularly well organised. This helps to promote continuity of care and learning exceptionally well.”

On the subject of the outdoor activities and how they plan to enhance them, the nursery’s head of early years practice Clare Robinson said: “Children have the total freedom to flow between the garden and the nursery where they have the choice of a range of activities covering all seven areas of learning.

“We have a planned team training evening where we will be exploring the Scandinavian approach to outdoor learning and other research and theories demonstrating the links between outdoor physical activity and positive mental health and well-being.

If you are looking to move your children to a place where outstanding childcare and education are important St Albans and Harpenden have plenty of provisions. Moving to St Albans or Harpenden will not only get you out of the big smoke but help your children learn in more of an outdoor setting whether they are going to nursery or secondary school.