Gin and Jazz

October 2nd 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Gin and Jazz

St Albans 12th annual Food and Drink Festival is well underway. As it has for many years now this two weeks in St Alban's host a series of delicious events to enjoy. It really is a celebration of all things edible and drinkable in St Albans. Not least the George Street Gin and Jazz event on 4th October 2019. 

This year George Street, St Albans Gin & Jazz is back for its third year meaning that local shops, bars and restaurants are opening again for a celebration of the unique, boutique-style of the St Albans Cathedral Quarter. The clue is in the title - free entry to a variety of bars offering gin cocktails of every flavour. Later in the evening, there is a music stage for dancing alongside fashion offers, styling sessions, street food and more. 

If you like a gin and tonic make sure you work out which is your perfect gin glass before you hit the St Albans Gin and Jazz night. Many prefer a big gin balloon glass. The Copa gin glass is one of the most popular gin glasses. The large round glass is frequently used for a gin and tonic as it holds plenty of ice and garnishes to enhance the flavour. The design of a Copa glass helps to trap the aromas of gin to make the drink taste better and the bowl or balloon shape helps hold lots of ice and garnish be it lime, cucumber or raspberries to add to the experience. 

The UK has a strong claim to the title of the home of gin especially with the revitalised bustling British Gin Scene not least in St Albans. Gin may actually have been invented on the continent but it has been reinvented in the UK will a host of companies creating innovative and creative flavoured and infused gins to enjoy. There are Gin bars popping up in all bustling cosmopolitan cities. From 7-10 pm all part of the 12th St Albans Food & Drink Festival.

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