Get your stair gallery going…

June 6th 2017
By: Melanie
Get your stair gallery going…

It is so easy to find that all those family memories are captured on your phone but what about making sure they make the wall. The large blank space on the way up your stairs make the perfect place in most homes to display your family photos.
Of course there are many ways to create a photo gallery on your stairway but first you need to decide which photos you want to display. Is it family holidays or funny family events or maybe distant family and friends you want to focus on?
Then have a think about your layout. You might have one particular photo at the centre of the layout. But more often than not we have lots of smaller grouping of pictures of happy memories to display.  You could decide to arrange them tightly with no wall space, or stagger them to match the rise of the stairs, or perhaps you like straight horizontal or vertical lines.
Think about the frames, smaller ones can accent larger ones, will they all be the same? Do you want mat or shiny, wood or metal?  Maybe keep a few matching frames empty - as the kids grow, get married and have their own children you may want to add a couple of pics.
To check your plan measure an area on the floor or on a large table the same size as your wall space and arrange your frames until you’re satisfied. When planning leave at least 6 inches of empty space along the bottom of the wall. Nobody looks that far. When actually hanging the pics some experts say start with the photo in the centre and work out from there to produce the best results.