Fiery fun

May 31st 2017
By: Melanie
Fiery fun

Everyone loves a BBQ but more and more of us want to enjoy the warmth of a real fire outside even in smaller St Albans or Harpenden garden long after the cooking has been done. It’s hard to beat the draw of a fire, so building or investing in your own fire pit might be a good idea this summer.
First it can be a good idea to ask yourself if you want a portable or permanent fire pit installation.  If you’re looking for fire pit that you can move around or one that’s less expensive, portable is the way to go. There are lots of great designs out there on the market.  But if you have space in your garden and know where you want to site a bonfire pit, it can be great to dig a pit and sink it into the ground or build a brick wall container.
When positioning your permanent or portable fire pit it can be good to take a few things into consideration. Ideally it should be at least ten feet from your house, and if you can allow for about a six foot diameter so you and your family or guests can sit around it safely. You might also want to take into consideration the fire pit’s position in respect to the usual direction of the wind. No one will be able to enjoy the inviting warmth of the fire if smoke and embers are constantly blowing in their face. Finally don’t forget to look up when positioning a fire pit and make sure the fire is a safe distance from tall foliage above!