Farmers Markets in your home town

August 6th 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Farmers Markets in your home town

One of the fun things when on holiday is to visit the local market and sample their delights. If you live in St Albans or Harpenden or plan on visiting them don’t forget their Farmers Markets. Both locations have some of the best farmers markets in Hertfordshire regularly bringing you the best of seasonal local produce and a host of other delights. 

The next St Albans Farmers' Market is on the 11th August 2019 in the heart of St Albans, just opposite the Town Hall, and Harpenden Farmer's market is at the end of the month on 25 August 2019, Lower High Street, Harpenden AL5 2RU.

Farmers markets help local farmers, growers and producers to sell their produce, direct to the public. These markets provide fresh, safe, natural, nutritious food that you and your family can trust. Both St Albans and Harpenden market provide a fun day out as an entertaining shopping experience in beautiful surroundings.

It is important for many reasons to eat foods that are in season. Not only does seasonal food tend to be fresher, but it also tastes better and has more nutritional benefit. By buying foods in season as we are all becoming more and more aware has a positive impact on the environment and local economy too. But why buy beans or asparagus that have been flown from Peru or Kenya when Hertfordshire varieties are best when in season?

Shopping and eating more seasonally does mean that what you eat will change with the seasons as seasonal eating means that not everything is available all the time, more and more folk in St Albans and Harpenden are embracing this as part of the joy of foods in season. There is much to be said about the anticipation of the finest local asparagus, the freshest Hertfordshire bean, and the juiciest, local sweetest strawberry. Alongside other local specialities, mouth-watering cheeses and top quality meat and game, dairy produce, freshly baked cakes & bread and handcrafted goods.