Cleaning safely in your St Albans home?

January 14th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge

After the Christmas season getting back on track with your St Albans or Harpenden home can involve some deep cleaning. But it is really important to remember to take care with some of the cleaning products on the market.

Faced with a tough cleaning job it can be tempting to get creative you’re your cleaning products. But before you start playing chemist says Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab read the labels. "People often think that if one product works, mixing it with another one will make it even better," she says but can be dangerous when combined.

You Should Never Mix Ammonia and Bleach they produce a toxic gas called chloramine. "It causes the same symptoms as bleach and vinegar — along with shortness of breath and chest pain," says Forte. Many glass and window cleaners contain ammonia, so never mix those with bleach.]

Another common household area of frustration to be really careful with is a blocked drain in the bathroom or kitchen. It is wise to take extra care with drain cleaners.  "I would never recommend mixing two different drain cleaners or even using one right after the other," says Forte. "These are powerful formulas, and could even explode if combined." Always use just one product according to the directions on the packet. If it doesn't work, don't try another product. If it really is still blocked try calling a St Albans or Harpenden plumber to sort it out rather than put yourself or your home at risk.