Celebrating small bookshops

April 25th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Celebrating small bookshops

Back in 2016, it was great to be able to celebrate the small bookshop make a comeback in Harpenden. Waterstones opened Harpenden Books in High Street, Harpenden as the UK’s leading bookseller to help try and reverse the “calamity" of the rapid rise in the number of small towns without a High Street bookshop.

Sadly hundreds of independent have closed leaving many communities without a much-loved bookshop. This is when Waterstones stepped in and James Daunt managing director said: “We are delighted to bring back to Harpenden a proper bookshop. “We are very proud of these local bookshops which, while a lot smaller than a standard Waterstones, are exceptionally attractive and well stocked.

A quick visit to Harpenden bookshop is likely to turn up all kinds of gems including a couple of very useful local historical treasures. Books like St Albans in 50 Buildings, a paperback exploring the history of this fascinating city through a selection of its most interesting buildings. Just some of those included are the Roman theatre, the Verulamium Museum, the cathedral, various churches, the medieval Kingsbury Barn, the seventeenth-century Pemberton Almshouses, the Georgian Romeland House and Abbey Mills, and the nineteenth-century Town Hall. This book will help you know more about the buildings as well as discover the architectural treasures St Albans has to offer. From Roman times through to the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII many of the abbey buildings were destroyed, and onto the present-day St Albans and its number of noteworthy modern buildings that stand alongside its historical structures. ISBN: 9781445677392 

Another great local book that helps us celebrate small local bookshops like Harpenden Boos is 24 Footpath Walks Around St Albans: With Notes on Places of Interest. This too is a Paperback written by Bill Frost ISBN: 9780951388341 Published: 14/10/2009 only available in your local Waterstones.