Butterfly Corner in St Albans

August 28th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge

The specially constructed, temporary Butterfly Corner in St Albans is back by popular demand. You can walk amongst the free-flying tropical Butterflies and exotic plants and look out for Butterflies emerging in the Puparium. Open daily, until Sunday 16th September, it’s completely free of charge at Aylett Nurseries in St Alban’s.

Butterfly Corner is an enclosed area of their Plant House planted with an array of tropical plants where you can learn about the fascinating life cycle of the butterfly and watch the butterflies feed and fly. The puparium is where new butterflies are able to emerge without any predators and younger gardeners can enjoy spotting the different species, caterpillars and butterfly eggs. For those who are not too sure about venturing into Butterfly Corner, there is a specially made viewing window so the butterflies can be enjoyed through the glass!

All the pupae that are hatching out have been supplied by the London Pupae Company and are mostly reared on farms in the Philippines and Thailand. When the butterfly corner closes on the 16th September the butterflies, eggs, caterpillars and plants will be relocated from Aylett’ to the Butterfly House at Whipsnade Zoo.

Roger Aylett started Aylett Nurseries Ltd on the same 7 ½ acres of St Alban's land as it sits on now. Roger always took a keen interest in the training of young aspiring horticulturists, he himself had a childhood interest in Dahlias. He went on to win numerous competitions. Their Dahlia field and Celebration Garden, which includes a wildflower meadow, attracts a wide range of native butterflies. The Celebration Garden will be at its peak of colour during the summer so be sure to enjoy a stroll around at your leisure or relax on one of our benches and spot some of the local St Albans butterflies.