Butterflies in St Albans

August 28th 2019
By: Melanie
Butterflies in St Albans

Butterfly Corner is back by popular demand at Aylett Nurseries, North Orbital Road, St Albans, AL2 1DH for 2019! There you can walk amongst free-flying tropical Butterflies and exotic plants and look out for Butterflies emerging in the Puparium! It is open daily, during normal opening hours, from Saturday 13th July until Sunday 15th September 2019, and it's completely free.

In Butterfly Corner you can learn about the fascinating life cycle of the butterfly and watch the butterflies feed and fly. The younger gardeners of St Albans and Harpenden particularly enjoy spotting the different species, caterpillars and butterfly eggs. When the Butterfly house closes on the 15th September the butterflies, eggs, caterpillars and plants will be relocated to the Butterfly House at Whipsnade Zoo.

Perhaps the Butterfly’s in St Albans will inspire you to look at your gardens as an important stepping stone between nature reserves and other natural habitats by offering abundant supplies of nectar and food plants for native butterflies. Butterflies will visit any garden, however small if they can feed on suitable nectar plants. Nectar provides butterflies and moths with energy to fly and find a mate. In spring, it helps butterflies refuel after winter hibernation or a gruelling journey to Britain from southern Europe or Africa. In autumn nectar helps butterflies and moths to build up their energy reserves so they have the best chance of surviving hibernation or the journey back to warmer climes. 

Over the last century, four species of butterfly and more than 60 moth species have become extinct. Three-quarters of British butterflies are now in decline and two-thirds of common and widespread moths saw numbers fall in the last 40 years.

Butterflies and moths form an intrinsic part of our natural world. Yet they are threatened by habitat degradation and loss, climate change and pollution. Helping butterflies and moths will not only ensure they are around to be enjoyed by future generations, but it will also improve and enrich the whole of our St Albans and Harpenden environment for people and wildlife.

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