Bathrooms go Bling

March 8th 2016
By: Melanie

If you are thinking about extending or revamping your home you can hardly ever go wrong by adding a bathroom or revamping your existing bathroom. More recently the style of bathrooms have become more sleek, more high-tech and even more functional with any colourful flourishes, like gold taps or gilt mirrors being out of fashion.

But many are saying that this clinical approach to decorating the bathroom is going to give way to a more maximalist feel this year. The designer Neisha Crosland has been working on spectacular bathrooms with bespoke glass doors and soft pink marble, installing basins made from rose aurora marble with antique-style taps from French bathroom specialist THG Pompadour.  Inspired, in part she says, by the feel of a Venetian palace, she’s even recommends lush carpeting.  Crosland says she wants the end result to be described as “elegant and comfortable like a 1930s or 1940s 5-star hotel”.

The interior designer Sera Hersham-Loftus is also promoting a maximalist feel creating a Thirties’ style bathroom inspired by the  Savoy for a residential project she recently completed. 

“The chandeliers and wall lights are 1930s pieces and we used a mirrored Art Deco chest as the sink unit, by adding a basin to the top,” says Hersham-Miller. “The walls and floors are clad in marble, the walls are mirrored and glass shelves have been framed with plaster panels covered in silver leaf.” 

Hersham Miller claims that this particular project was one of the most minimalist bathrooms she’s done to date. Sounds like fun it this is your style.

Source: The Telegraph