2020 Herts Year of Culture

January 26th 2020
By: Melanie Hollidge
2020 Herts Year of Culture

Living in Herts and especially in St Albans and Harpenden, there is plenty of cultural activity to engage with especially with this year's Herts of Culture 2020 programme. 

If you missed the first date for Try Something New in Harpenden do not despair there is a whole year of activities to inspire and engage with. Try Something New was a showcase of what cultural activities there are in Harpenden. Through them you can discover local groups including arts, dance, volunteering, social, gyms etc. and see what you could get involved in during Herts Year of Culture and beyond.

So January 2020 was Try Something New, February 2020 will be Workforce Development & Volunteering Month, March 2020 will be Accessing the Arts, April 2020 Go Somewhere Local, May 2020 The Big Outdoor, June 2020 Big Ideas, July 2020 Cultural Olympiad, August 2020 Families and Friends, September 2020 Heritage and History & Meet the Maker, October 2020 Be Inspired - Get Back Into, November 2020 Creative Minds & Creative Industries, December 2020 Celebrate & Illuminate.

The ambition of Herts Year of Culture 2020 is to showcase Hertfordshire as a county of creative and cultural opportunity, and you can be sure that Harpenden and St Albans will be providing a wealth of cultural activities. Which include sharing and exploring Hertfordshire’s arts, culture and heritage, enabling access and participation in arts, culture and heritage for new audiences, increasing wellbeing and a sense of belonging through arts, culture and heritage, showcasing pathways to education, employability and enterprise in the creative and cultural industries in Hertfordshire, Create new partnerships and new work through skill sharing and new ways of working together.

All in all Herts Year of Culture 2020 will be offering a host of activities and opportunities which makes living in and around St Albans and Harpenden such a delight. 

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